How to write a case study using AI

Case studies are one of the easiest formats to automate. You have a client who used your product. They conveyed their satisfaction after using your product, and now it’s your job to interview them and create a case study. Let’s go over every step of the process and see how AI helps us automate case … Read more

How to stick to a business goal

I was talking to a friend of mine recently about how hard it is to stick to a goal. The challenge is not to get disconnected to the goal. A lot has been written about goals. so here are my criteria for setting goals: They need to last at least 3 months. They need to … Read more

Defamiliarization: Unleashing Creativity in Marketing | Episode 4

In this episode of “Follow Up,” hosts Elad Gaon and Ben Pines explores the concept of defamiliarization, a fundamental technique used in marketing. They discuss how marketers can overcome the challenges posed by generative AI and generic content creation by adopting this method. Drawing inspiration from literature and Zen Buddhism, the episode emphasizes the importance … Read more

Content Creation: A Key to Successful Branding | Episode #3

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, the importance of strategic content creation is paramount. It not only allows brands to connect with their audiences but also enables them to highlight their brand values and position themselves as industry leaders. We’ve identified three brilliant examples of brands that have leveraged content creation masterfully. Patagonia’s Worn Wear … Read more

Onboarding a new employee | Episode #1

Takeaways Keep the onboarding process loose by adding guardrails to ensure the right direction without being too strict. Monitor the first month of the employee’s work as a coaching session to set the tone and understand what can be accomplished in that time. The first month should focus on learning about the product, company, and … Read more

Innocent breakfast

In her story, Yehudit Hendel shows how a secret that is revealed during a so called “innocent” breakfast among friends has the power to poison a widow. The story is constructed as a mystery, where the readers need to constantly understand the undertones, what is not being said. In this way, Hendel managed to speak … Read more

When things fall apart – review

Can a short text have a meaningful impact on your life? And if so, why aren’t we reading more texts like that? Writing is a technical procedure, but it also holds a spiritual side. For a long time, I have contemplated about how I want to write, and more specifically how I want to write … Read more