Dealing with the fear of making videos

I am not making videos. This is a fact. Videos could potentially help grow my channel, so logically, there is no reason not to try them.

I don’t really feel there is pure fear involved here. If we don’t do something, it is rarely out of pure fear. I don’t sky jump because of raw fear of dying.

But in most cases, fear is mixed with other factors and emotions.

Here are the main blocks preventing me from making consecutive videos:

  • Lack of time. A videos takes time to make. There’s also the editing involved. Making a video once a day, which is the kind of creation I want to try no matter the medium, is pretty hard.
  • A video requires specific locations. A video requires spending a lot of time. It’s not something you can do on the go. For example, I am writing this piece on the train.
  • A video requires a kind of energy. You need to put on a smile, or at least a decent face, in order to film yourself. Otherwise, you end up looking like a psychopath making YouTube videos.

On to how to overcome these obstacles.

For the time challenge, I need to set specific times when I am free to make the videos. It’s probably not going to be every day, and maybe that’s a good thing. The most obvious time period is Friday mornings.

The location should be my apartment. That way, I have my tripod and everything.

Regarding the energy, this is a challenge I need to ignore. Even if the videos turn out to be cringy at first, once I get into the flow of making a video every week, my presumption is that it’s going to be easier to get into the energy I will be used to with videos.

I did create many videos in the past.

Let’s go on to the actual process of making the first video.

I will need to:

  • Pick a topic.
  • Make the outline.
  • Write the script.
  • Add some post production.
  • Film it.
  • Edit it.
  • Show it to my friends.
  • Publish it.

Dealing with the fact the video may turn out no good

There’s one fear I left out, and this could be the biggest fear of them all. What if the video turns out “meh”?

For these articles, there is no attempt to write for a certain standard. I am writing for myself, with the idea that if these articles will serve my future self, and I write them from egotistical reasons only, someone else may discover them and find them useful. A similar strategy should be done with videos, but it’s harder. That’s because it’s hard to grasp making a video for my future self. I don’t usually watch videos of myself from the past. I do, however, read what I wrote in the past (however rarely).

So, once I create a script I would like myself to read in the future, the process of making it into a video will be purely technical, and will reduce the fear the video will turn out bad. Making the text into the video will simply be a certain format I choose regardless of the outcome.

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