How to outreach

Content creation is enough to fill your entire calendar. In order to properly outreach, make connections and possibly distribute the content, you have to think differently about the interactions you’re having and the people you try to connect to.

Interviewing people on your podcast

An easy fix is just have a podcast and use that as an excuse to reach out to people. Interviewing them is an opportunity to have fun, talk to them, and possibly get social shares and links.

The problem is that there are I heard over 4 million podcasts, and having a podcast means having one more asset to distribute.

Writing interview posts

People want to publish guest posts. Again, the problem here is that you are giving away a link, and your whole purpose was to get an appearance and link in other websites. This is like a car salesperson ending up buying someone else’s car.

Asking for contributor quotes

Many are using this method. Again, it doesn’t add up to a real relationship, and most likely you will end up sending them a link and not hearing back.

Building a mailing list

If you could manage a mailing list, similar to Help a B2B Writer‘s service. In fact, using Help a B2B Writer is not a bad idea. You could notice who appears there. These are the people willing to go the extra way to get links.

Connecting with them on social

I don’t like spending too much time on social, but it does take you the least amount of time investment if these people just appear in your wall.

Meeting in a mastermind group

Let’s not forget that there is some reason to actually meet people.

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